Former PSD parliamentary leader continues to dodge justice

Wanted on suspicion of murder in Brazil and condemned in Portugal to 10-years in jail for fraud and money-laundering, former PSD parliamentary leader Duarte Lima continues to dodge justice with Houdini-like finesse. News this week is that he is trying to get special government PER funding to avoid bankruptcy. Lima owes €21 million to six creditors, including State company Parvalorem, former BES bank and trouble-torn Novo Banco.

But how he remains free, two years after being convicted in the long-running Homeland financial case, is the question foremost in many people’s minds.

Lima’s appeal against the 10-year sentence has this far shown no signs of being decided.

Perhaps with a new government led by left-wingers and bereft of PSD influence, this will change.

Meantime, all creditors are advised that they have 20 days to stake their claims.

Among the millions waiting to be paid are debts with businessmen José Manuel Ferreira Bento dos Santos of wine society Quinta Monte d’Oiro and construction boss José António Vieira Silvério.

Earlier this year, in August, Dulivira – a company connected to Lima and owing almost €6 million to Novo Banco – also appealed for PER funding.

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