Former president Mário Soares, 92, admitted to hospital

Increasingly frail, 92-year-old Socialist monolith former Portuguese president Mário Soares has been admitted to hospital for ‘observation’.

Sources report his state of health to be “stationary” but television stations are commenting on the fact that Soares has been ‘incapable of communicating with his family’ for some days now.

He has been interned at Lisbon’s Hospital da Cruz Vermelha, as TSF radio reports that a friend describes Soares’ condition as “delicate”.

“The state of health of the founder of Portugal’s Socialist Party has deteriorated over the past month”, said the friend.

TSF adds that Soares celebrated his 92nd birthday only last week.

UPDATE: Soares has been transferred to intensive care following a series of medical tests, while Jornal de Notícias quotes a family member saying he is “not conscious”. Emotion-charged clips of friends leaving hospital suggest Soares’ condition now is “very critical”.

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