Former Mossad director is Chairman of Cann10, which has a base in Portugal producing medical cannabis

Former Mossad director is Portuguese, thanks to Sephardic Jew Amnesty

Testament to Tamir Pardo’s Sephardic ancestry “anonymously uploaded onto Wikipedia shortly before he receives Portuguese citizenship”

Yet another less than transparent situation has been flagged by Público in the wake of the hugely embarrassing Abramovich probe.

It now seems that, along with various Russian oligarchs and sundry business leaders, the Porto Jewish Community has also played “a fundamental role” in the ‘naturalisation process’ of Tamir Pardo, a former director of Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

Pardo led Mossad between 2011 and 2016 – years in which the service was linked to the assassination of at least two Iranian nuclear scientists. His Wikipedia page refers to his description of the service as ‘a crime organization with a license’, something which made working for it the ‘fun part’.

By 2017, Pardo had succeeded in becoming Portuguese through the ‘Lei de Nacionalidade’ that applies to descendants of Sephardic Jews “a community expelled from Portugal at the end of the 15th century”, explains Público.

“Fundamental for the naturalisation of Tamir Pardo was certification of his Sephardic roots by CIP (the Jewish Community of Porto)” – something that happened on February 17, 2017.

“A short while before, on January 7 2017, the English Wikipedia page on Tamir Pardo was updated, with the introduction of references to his Spanish Sephardic origins, by an unknown user”, says the paper.

As Público explains, “this was more or less what happened in the case of Roman Abramovich who was also given Portuguese nationality on April 30, 2021, in a process that is now under investigation” – a probe that was kick started by the allegations that Abramovich had essentially purchased his way into Sephardic heritage.

The difference with Abramovich’s Wikipedia update is that it was written by historian/ archeologist Hugo Miguel Vaz – a “member of the Porto Jewish Community and curator of the Porto Holocaust Museum”, says Público.

Adding another twist to the story, the paper says Pardo is an investor in medical cannabis production in Portugal.

His post-Mossad business dealings have passed through a number of areas (including aerospace, energy, cybersecurity and data analysis) – one of these being Cann10 Portugal, in Vila de Rei (Castelo Branco), part of the Cann10 group that produces and markets medical cannabis.

Cann10 is the only business so far connected to Pardo in Portugal, say reports.

Other undertakings elsewhere include a “controversial Israeli start-up dedicated to facial recognition software”, and video surveillance systems “used for example by the Mercadona supermarkets in Spain”.

It is unclear where Tamir Pardo actually lives; but he is now ‘Portuguese’ thanks to the certification of a community that has suspended its involvement in Sephardic Jew accreditation while its spiritual leader is under suspicion of corruption, document falsification, criminal association, money-laundering and the trafficking of influences.

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