Former military chiefs warn of “unease, demotivation in Portugal’s Armed Forces”

The Independent Strategic Reflection Group (GREI), which brings together several former military chiefs in Portugal, has sent a letter to the country’s president and political parties warning of an “untenable situation” in the Armed Forces – asking them to look at the military “with decency”. In the letter, entitled “the unsustainable situation of the members of the Armed Forces”, published in Diário de Notícias today, the group consider it “undeniable that a general climate of malaise and demotivation has been growing within the Armed Forces, of dissatisfaction, saturation and relative injustice that has led an increasing number of soldiers from the Permanent Staff (QP) and the Volunteer (RV) and Contract (RC) Regimes to leave the ranks prematurely”. Lack of personnel is “the biggest problem –  problem of the utmost importance and one that the Portuguese in general, citizens, parties and politicians, in particular, cannot ignore,” they warn. The fact that this letter appears on the same day the country’s police forces protest outside parliament cannot be ‘lost’ on politicians as they prepare for legislative elections. Their policies are essentially being blamed for the depths to which moral in Portugal’s security forces has sunk.