Former MEP/ TV commentator Ana Gomes
Image: Lusa

Former MEP/ TV commentator Ana Gomes condemned over ‘crook’ tweet

Former Socialist Euro MP,  one-time candidate for President of the Republic and current television commentator, Ana Gomes has been condemned for tweeting her feelings about Portuguese businessman Mário Ferreira. Mr Ferreira took exception of her description of him as a “notorious crook and tax criminal”, and has always said he meant to hold her accountable. Today, Porto’s Tribunal do Bolhão, found Ms Gomes guilty of aggravated defamation – a crime under Portuguese Law – and condemned her to pay a fine of €2,800 and damages of €8,000. Ana Gomes has already said that she will be appealing the sentence. This is a battle between the pair that goes back years, and began with the purchase and subsequent sale of the Atlântida ferry boat.