Former mayor seeking re-election loses appeal for abuse of confidence and falsification

As a prelude to standing for re-election, former Matosinhos mayor Narciso Miranda could not really have had a worse day in court. Porto appeal judges ordered him to pay €35,700 to the local branch of the cancer support association (AAPC) on pain of otherwise spending two years and 10 months in jail.

The hearing was to decide Miranda’s appeal over a conviction for “diverting” AAPC funds to his own association “Narciso Miranda – Matosinhos Sempre (Matosinhos Forever)” which ran during his candidature to the council in 2009.

According to the prosecution, Miranda diverted the funds in small enough tranches so as to “avoid communication” to PJ criminal police.

“To justify the money” leaving ACCP’s accounts, Miranda used a receipt for works “purportedly carried out at the association’s HQ”, explains Diário de Notícias.

The case saw two other defendants “both connected to the construction industry” receive suspended prison sentences, but DN does not explain whether they have since tried appealing.

Certainly, Miranda has had no joy.

Due to re-candidate himself for the position of mayor in the municipal elections coming up in October, his lawyer Artur Marques has said that it looks like these latest decision is “irrevocable”.

Miranda’s judicial woes are set to continue as another case, involving charges of abuse of confidence, embezzlement, economic participation in business and the simulation of a crime – for which he has been absolved – is now going forwards to appeal on Public Ministry insistence.

Miranda proposes to fight for council leadership this autumn as an independent.

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