Ricardo Sá Fernandes, Manuel Pinho's lawyer
David Teixeira's lawyer Ricardo Sá Fernandes says his client is innocent of all charges, and will be fighting to prove this from now on

Former economy minister’s lawyer lambasts “attempt to break dignity” of trouble-beset client

Former economy minister Manuel Pinho has suffered further trials this week, following the snatching back of his recently restored €26,000 per month pension. Authorities swooped on the Braga property where he is under house arrest on an electronic bracelet, seizing 300 bottles of wine, valuable art work, a set of golf clubs – and a pinball machine. Lawyer Ricardo Sá Fernandes has criticised this latest episode as “an attempt to break the dignity” of his trouble-beset client. Mr Pinho has been charged with two counts of passive corruption for illicit actions while holding public office, and money-laundering. Say reports it is believed “the product of the (alleged) crimes total five million euros”.