João Rendeiro leaving a police station in Durban, South Africa - Photo: LUÍS MIGUEL FONSECA/LUSA

Formal request for extradition of João Rendeiro received by South African authorities

A formal request for extradition of ‘fugitive from Portuguese justice’ João Rendeiro has been transmitted, via diplomatic channels, to authorities in South Africa. Portuguese media reports this afternoon say the request refers to all three “condemnatory decisions that João Rendeiro has received” – amounting to over 17 years behind bars (albeit that two of the jail sentences could still see appeals mounted). The document also refers to the crimes of money-laundering, malpractice, disobedience and falsification of authentic documentation that have been levelled against the former president of failed bank BPP who left Portugal in order to avoid jail (click here) and was finally run to ground in a five-star boutique hotel in Durban three months later (click here)