Forgotten backpack prompts bomb scare at French school

Another bomb scare hit the news this week when an abandoned backpack was found outside the Liceu Francês, a French school in Lisbon, yesterday (November 19).

PSP police were called to the scene but quickly established that the backpack belonged to a student who had forgotten it at the school’s entrance.

A school employee told Lusa news agency that “there was no bomb threat” and that activity at the school continued normally.

Since last week’s tragic attacks in Paris, the Liceu Francês is one of the locations in Portugal where security has been reinforced, as well as at the Lisbon, Porto and Faro airports and the French, British, American and German embassies.

On Sunday, a Ryanair plane was searched at Lisbon airport after a note left in one of the craft’s toilets had the word “bomb” written on it (