Forest watchmen keep an eye out for fires in Castro Marim

In a bid to prevent a repeat of 2012’s wildfires which destroyed nearly 27,000 hectares of land in the east Algarve, six forest watchmen have been deployed to the fields and woodlands around Castro Marim. The team is currently carrying out a number of clean-up activities and will remain “on guard” until the end of September.
The men are all hunters from the Almada d’Ouro Club hunting association, which has the support of the local borough council in this initiative.
Local mayor Francisco Amaral, whose administration contributed €10,000 to the team, said: “Our goal is of course to prevent fires. Families in the area have been particularly affected by forest fires in the last couple of years, and we must do all we can to ensure they are spared any further heartache.” A massive forest fire ravaged through the councils of Tavira and Castro Marim in July 2012, destroying nearly 27,000 hectares of rural land.
In May this year, Castro Marim municipality signed an agreement with local hunting associations, which will help the municipality carry out forest cleanup activities.
In total, the council says it has invested so far €30,000 in fire prevention.