Lisbon airport is in desperate need of an 'upgrade' in various areas. It is well known for being one of the world's worst airport terminals - a dismal 'welcome' to a country that relies so heavily on tourism

Foreigners refused entry at Lisbon airport “will no longer have to sleep on floor”

Following widespread criticism over the facilities available to foreigners refused entry into Portugal at Lisbon airport, the PSP has said today that “with the help of Lisbon City Hall”, it has managed to put an end to detainees having to spend the night on the floor… The press release refers to the force being able to “get equipment that allows us to mitigate the situation, ceasing immediately with the scenario of people sleeping on the floor”. It does not explain exactly what kind of equipment (campbeds, possibly?) but it does refer to a decision to “transfer citizens” to temporary detention centres in Porto and Faro airports when sister facilities in Lisbon become overcrowded.