Foreigners in the Algarve

Peter Kingdon Booker will be giving two talks examining the surprising amount of foreign interest in the Algarve over the centuries with the first talk to be held at the Convento São José in Lagoa on May 18 at 6.30pm and a second on May 28 at the municipal library in Tavira from 11am.

Due to the remote geographical location of the Algarve, it could be assumed that it hadn’t been until the 20th century that foreigners had discovered the region as a tourist and holiday location, however this could not be further from the truth.

From Phoenician traders to Punic and Roman invaders, Swabian and Visigothic hordes and Byzantine and Berber conquests to Christian crusaders, the Algarve has been the focus of foreigners for centuries.

Peter will be looking at the extent of foreign interest in the Algarve from the first visitors to the 17th century northern European traders and exotic travel writers.

Meanwhile, there will no longer be Portuguese history talks held by Peter at the ASCA in Almancil.  He is currently looking for a new venue for his talks but would like to thank the ASCA staff for their support over the last nine months.

The talk in Tavira is free to attend while the talk held in Lagoa costs two euros per person.

For further information, please call 281 971 567 or alternatively email [email protected]