Foreigners boost Algarve birth rate

More than 4,700 babies were born in the Algarve in 2009, with more than 1,000 to foreign mothers.

According to the regional health authority, which published the statistics on January 28, the data confirms the “growing importance of the immigrant population in the socioeconomic development of the Algarve and its contribution to the rejuvenation of the region’s population”.

The figures also show that the birth of babies to Portuguese mothers is at one of its lowest rates in the last 10 years with 3,623 births.

Meanwhile, babies born to foreign mothers reached the second highest rate last year with a total of 1,090 births.

British mothers are among the top 10 foreign nationals in the region who are contributing to the region’s increased birth rate.

In 2009, a total of 47 babies were born to British mothers in the Algarve.