Foreign residents launch appeals

Several appeals for donations for the bombeiros were put out by foreign residents in the east Algarve.

Chris Wright from the Olhanense Expat Supporters Group was the first to launch an appeal for bottled water, juices, food, clothing essentials and shower gel and shampoo for the bombeiros.

He said: “We supplied two van loads of drinks and food to Tavira Bombeiros and provided a large quantity of shower gel and shampoo to São Brás Bombeiros as requested. We also donated €149.50 to São Brás Bombeiros for some clothing essentials and shower gel.

“In the future, we hope we can establish a Disaster Appeal Fund so if there is another emergency, we have funds available for immediate action.

Meanwhile, David Thomas, through his Safe Communities Algarve newsletter, put out another appeal for donations.

He said: “With nearly 1,000 firefighters deployed and significant support provided by the GNR and other agencies, the fire was successfully brought under control without loss of life or serious injury.”

The Angels Theatre Group also asked for donations of food and drinks. In its newsletter, the group said: “This morning, Sunday, we went to the São Brás Fire station and met with the Commander. He told us nearly 1,000 firefighters are still on active duty, sleeping in the hills in make-shift accommodation and coming down to São Brás for refreshments.

“We witnessed orders going out for food stuff, which has to be paid for.”

To make donations to the São Brás de Alportel bombeiros, please visit their website www.ahbvsba.net. To support the Tavira firefighters, please call 281 322 122.