Foreign resident “could be” Armação’s latest Euromilhões millionaire…

All eyes in Armação de Pêra this week are on the seaside town’s Armaturis newsagents which has registered the latest Euromilhões millionaire. The lucky ticket holder, who has yet to claim the €12.8 million prize, could be a local Portuguese as easily as a foreign resident.

Armaturis owner José Casimiro told reporters last night: “It is impossible to know as we have so many foreign clients. It could easily be one of them. We just have to wait now, and find out.”

The winning ticket involves a scoop of €32 million, but this has to be shared with another winner in Spain, and 20% tax then deducted to go to the government.

Thus the new millionaire will “only take home €12.8 million”.

Casimiro’s advice to whoever has won is, “take care of your ticket!”

The winner will have to present it to the Santa Casa promoting organisation, with a copy of his / her identity card and fiscal number.

Anyone in any doubt and who bought a lottery ticket from Armaturis recently, should get down there ASAP.

By NATASHA DONN [email protected]