Foreign police in Algarve until end of September

Foreign police forces will continue to collaborate with GNR officers in the Algarve until September 30.

Patrols in some of the region’s most densely populated areas and at some of the biggest events have been assisted by members of Spain’s Guardia Civil, Italy’s Arma dei Carabinieri and France’s Gendarmerie Nationale forces since June 15.

“The joint patrols with officers of foreign forces are beneficial as it means there is closer proximity to foreign holidaymakers, making communication with them easier,” Faro’s GNR police command said in a statement this Monday (September 2).

Over 550 additional police officers were deployed to the Algarve this summer as part of the government’s ‘Algarve Seguro’ programme, which aims to prevent crime. More officers are also visible on the roads and at summer events.

As the Algarve’s population increases exponentially in the summer, security forces are reinforced to ensure they are able to deal with the huge influx of tourists.

Photo: GNR

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