Foreign-plated cars in Portugal

Dear Editor

I am writing to clarify David Morewood’s letter and summarise in a slightly less legalese wording your article in the Algarve Resident of June 28.

The period that a vehicle may be kept in a country other than that of registration is NOT a Portuguese law but an EU regulation and applies equally to all EU countries.

You may spend cumulatively up to 183 days out of any consecutive 365 days in another EU country so David Morewood’s statement that “This is not the case in other countries” is not actually correct – other countries may not apply the regulation with the same vigour, but the regulation still applies.

I have to ask who it was that told Mr Morewood when he says that “…we have been told that in fact this rule or law is not legal under EU regulations.” I do worry that people make inaccurate sweeping statements which are often the result of Chinese whispers and people believe what they are told, especially if it may be to their detriment.

As I say above, this is an EU regulation and I’m afraid that whoever told you otherwise was wrong Mr Morewood.

David Fraser

By email