Foreign investment creates over 6,100 jobs in 2018

Portugal remains an attractive destination for foreign investors, according to a study by consultancy firm EY (Ernst & Young) which found that foreign direct investment in the country led to the development of 74 projects and the creation of over 6,100 jobs in 2018.

Florbela Lima, a partner of the consultancy firm, says that at a time when “investors’ perception about Europe is getting worse,” Portugal continues to be seen as an “interesting location for foreign investment”.

In fact, 52% of the participants in the EY study – 205 investors from 19 countries – said that Portugal’s attractiveness would evolve positively in the next three years, the largest percentage of the other countries that were also analysed – France (30%), Belgium (28%), Germany (40%) and the Netherlands (45%).

On the downside, only 25% have plans to invest in the country over the next year.

Still, the survey shows that the country’s attractiveness “remains strong and that short-term investment plans in the country are among the highest in Europe.”

Around 90% of the investors named Portugal’s “quality of life” as one the main factors that led them to choose the country, followed by the stability of the social climate (79%), telecommunications infrastructure (73%), workers’ competence (72%) and labour cost (71%).

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