Foreign couple in Algarve drug bust

A foreign couple who had been under observation by the police, suspected of drug trafficking, was detained after 52 cannabis plants were found in the garden of their house at Sobral de Cima, in Porches, Lagoa.

The police, armed with a search warrant, entered the house in an isolated location and found the plants measuring two metres high growing on nearby land.

They also found an illegal 9mm pistol, as well as packages with 50 to 100 grammes of the dried substance ready for sale on the drugs market.

The method of growing the cannabis was primitive, according to a police source, which said that it was probable that nurturing the plants was done manually. The suspects, a Dutchman and a German woman aged between 40 and 50, have already appeared in court and are facing charges of illegal drug cultivation and illegal possession of a firearm.

They were released on bail under conditions of maintaining regular contact with the authorities.