Donation by British residents

Foreign community helps Lagos’ fight against Covid-19

Lagos Council has thanked the local foreign resident community for helping in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday (May 13), Lagos Mayor Hugo Pereira welcomed representatives from the local Swedish and French communities – Swedish residents Annika Feder and Claes Lindesvärd as well as Patrice Chedozeau, president of the board of the ‘Les Copains de Lagos’ association – who expressed their commitment to helping the municipality during “these though times”.

A week earlier, members of the local British community had donated personal protective equipment to Lagos’ Association of Volunteer Firefighters.

Other local foreign initiatives have also collected food for families struggling financially.

Mayor Hugo Pereira thanked the foreign community for their “generosity” as well as everyone who has been actively involved in this “solidarity movement” to help institutions who are on the frontline of the Covid-19 fight.

Lagos Council and the local Santa Casa da Misericórdia (SCML) charitable organisation also created a fundraiser last month to help health workers and others fighting the pandemic (click here). So far, it has raised €30,000.

Anyone can help by making a donation directly to the SCML bank account: PT500018000352100955020 (Banco Santander Totta).

The donations will be used to buy protective gear for health professionals, police officers, firefighters, nursing home employees and Red Cross and charity institution workers. The council has already received €10,000-worth of protective equipment.

Swedish fundraisers
French support
Donation by British residents