For your health – Lagos Intersaúde has reopened to the public with new integrated technology

Well aware of the importance of investing in the well-being and comfort of the customers of the Lagos Intermarché parapharmacy – Intersaúde – the group invested in the total renovation of the space and more.

Besides the new darker shades of green and orange that lend an aura of elegance and sophistication to the new parapharmacy, there is also a digital catalogue available in Portuguese, English, and French. This way, customers can look into the products “in a more independent way, but there is always have a staff member available to advise them on the most appropriate product”, explains the head of Intersaúde, Marina Tabacaru, who underlines that the objective is to facilitate customers’ experience by providing a modernised, personalised and efficient service.

“The need for evolution and change were the main reasons to invest in this renovation”, says Marina Tabacaru. “With the increased demand for more natural options and products and, at the same time, the change in lifestyle and people’s desire to prevent, rather than treat, illnesses in general led us to the certainty that it was time to bring a more natural perspective to this space that is already dedicated to the health and well-being of our customers.”

But there’s more. In the beauty area, customers can consult screens that, through some key questions, will advise them on specific care to treat each of the concerns they have with their facial skin and, thus, help preserve its luminosity and youthfulness. “This experience enables our clients to do a kind of quick test on the appearance of their face and to understand which aspects they can best take care of for healthier skin,” says Maria Tabacaru. Soon, it will also be possible to visit the space for a “mini check-up”, which will look at cholesterol levels, perform glycaemic tests and take blood pressure for clients.

According to Marina Tabacaru, the renovation of the parapharmacy was very well received by customers. “In addition to the more modern and luminous image, they like how much more practical the layout of the products is and, in general, the surroundings and the whole atmosphere of the new space.”

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View of the inside of Intersaúde, the Lagos Intermarché parapharmacy

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