Photo: Bruno Filipe Pires/Open Media Group

For Everyone Who’s Been Suffering

Our world has changed like never before
And our lives have changed too
So many families suffering every day
And this virus is here to stay
We were all caught and unaware
And it’s sadness in the air
Isolated from family and friends
There’s no happiness or joy today
It’s just another loved one who’s passed away
Coronavirus walks among us every day
And we try our best to struggle through
This horrible coronavirus storm
The hurt and pain it’s brought us
And there’s nothing much to gain
Our peace and love have all gone away
It’s silent tears all day and I’ve been
Crying on the inside so you can’t see
All the pain running through me
Coronavirus, coronavirus, when will you ever go away
And I cry for the loved ones who have passed away
And so if you listen, you may hear
My silent tears every day
I’m lost without you in my life
The world has changed so much
Coronavirus is not going away
The darkness surrounds the world today
And it’s so cold and painful every day
I feel the chill up and down my spine every day
And our warm hugs and soft kisses
Have just all faded away
Just like our loved ones today
Nobody to hold at night
Nobody to whisper ‘I love you, goodnight’
And as a lonely tear rolls down my face
I try to smile and remember her beautiful face
But I promise you all, I’ll love and pray
For everyone who’s been suffering
From coronavirus every day.

David P Carro