For all your heating and solar energy needs

Since 1989, Novambiente has been providing professional consulting, planning and installation services for a wide variety of heating and solar energy systems.

Novambiente are able to assist clients with central heating and solar energy systems, hot water systems, swimming pool heating, photovoltaic systems (electricity) and water treatment solutions.

Solar systems available include thermal energy plants, which aid the production of warm water, and photovoltaic systems, which produce electricity.

Suppliers of Purion UV Plants, Novambiente are able to help your swimming pool require less harmful chemicals, reduce algae and parasites, plus more!

Solar swimming pool absorbers consist of TPE (thermosplastic elastomer) and are attached directly to a system’s filter. With the aid of an absorber, a swimming pool is able to present pleasant water temperatures throughout winter seasons.

In cooperation with Novambiente’s very own fully qualified engineer, each system or solution is designed to meet the specific needs of customers.

The team of staff at Novambiente is well trained and ensures the highest standards of service, installation and finished products.

Advice given by the team is also given specifically to a client’s need and what will work best for them personally.

All projects by Novambiente are followed up after free quotations, with site visits if necessary.

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