Football fan to be extradited to Portugal

An English firefighter is to be extradited to Portugal to serve a two-year prison term after his alleged involvement in a riot during the Euro 2004 football tournament.

Gary Mann, 51, plans to appeal against the decision as he believed the judge ‘ignored’ most of his defence case.

The football fan from Faversham in Kent was convicted of being involved in a riot in Albufeira during the tournament.

It was alleged he threw a bottle at police officers and encouraged other people to charge against them.

Gary Mann’s lawyers said he suffered an unfair trial in Portugal as he went through a fast track legal service. The Senior District Judge Timothy Workman however dismissed these claims.  

After the hearing on Tuesday, Fair Trials International pointed out that another English court had previously described Mann’s Portuguese trial as ‘unfair’.

The authorities in Britain did not enforce the two-year prison sentence that he received in Portugal.

Gary Mann, who had returned to the UK, heard nothing more from the Portuguese authorities until February this year when they told him he needed to serve the prison sentence in Portugal.

Then in March this year a European arrest warrant was issued and he was re-arrested.

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