Football betting guide: understand the fundamentals

Football betting guide: understand the fundamentals

Football betting is popular among those who have never betted before and are being introduced to it because they’re big football fans.

We will get onto the best bookmaker offers later, but first it’s important to understand the fundamentals of betting.

Betting basics

It’s important to know how odds work, the different betting types available, and how to make use of all the bookie’s features like cashing out.

Once you’re familiar with these, a bankroll management strategy needs to be employed. Understand stake sizes, and limiting how much you will bet in relation to your account balance. If there’s £100 in your account, you don’t want to be betting £50 on anything, let alone a 90/1 accumulator. Pace yourself, because if your strategy works then there’s no rush.

Football betting strategies 

Where many people start their football betting journey is basing their bets on two things: gut feeling and tipsters. This isn’t the worst place to start, because many football fans have good intuition and an understanding of the game, plus gaining third party advice can be helpful.

But, this is directionless. You want to have a clearer idea of what strategy you’re using and what you’re focusing on. For example, becoming an expert on yellow cards or both teams to score. And, it really is worth exploring all of the betting options for football, because some punters claim it is easier to predict a feisty derby that will result in a red card or one-sided domination that will lead to many corners compared to picking outright winners.

Having a strategy isn’t enough though, you need to know how to inform each individual bet. This is done by researching recent form, statistics, injury news, player ratings, etc. Even small things like weather can have an impact, because heavy rain may work against the possession team and in favour of the more direct, long-passing team. Now we’re in a better position to make good bets that are appropriately staked.


Now, after getting to grips with strategy and the fundamentals, it’s time to pick a good bookmaker. Sites like Legalbet are a good place to start because they have a vast market for football betting and good bonuses, but there are many to choose from. Take a look at what site has the markets you want within football, the best odds for the bets you want to make, good features, and generous promotions.


Betting is hard. Even with the above, you may find yourself struggling to break even. This is when bonuses show their true power at offering free value.

Signup offers are a given (though be careful to read the T&Cs before using them), but loyalty schemes and ongoing free bets can make all the difference. These can allow you to take a free stab at a new strategy, or simply get ahead on a current one.

Bonuses aren’t all equal. Obviously, free spins and such are not relevant to footballer bettors, and matched deposits can be tricky with the requirements. Punters tend to love small, frequent free bets because it allows them to experiment risk-free with their strategy, and keep their bankroll ticking over if the funds drop.