Food bank collection breaks record

The Algarve branch of the national food bank set a new record during a collection on November 28 and 29, with 150 tonnes of food being donated by shoppers at supermarkets throughout the region.

According to the bank, around 1,850 volunteers joined in to help collect and sort the food donated on the two days.

A total of 350 volunteers worked in the warehouse sorting food, while 1,500 collected donations at supermarkets, which exceeded the region’s record for food collection by 20 per cent.

The Algarve branch of the food bank currently provides food to 74 charities and institutions in the region, who distribute it to around 3,800 families.

Meanwhile, food banks across Portugal received almost 2,500 tonnes of food that was donated at 1,323 supermarkets. This represents an increase of more than 30 per cent, compared to the amount of food received in donations during a campaign in November 2008.

On a national level, the food stuffs will be distributed by regional food banks to 1,650 institutions, which help 267,000 people with food packages or cooked meals.

Until Sunday, people can continue donating food to the food bank through a voucher scheme called Ajuda Vale.

Vouchers representing basic  foods such as olive oil, milk, sausages and tuna can be bought at most supermarkets such as Pingo Doce, Jumbo, Lidl and Modelo/Continente, among others.

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