Following the Almond Blossom trails of the Algarve

With the arrival of springtime, the inner Algarve is covered with an enchantingblanket of pink and white almond blossom and this breathtaking spectacle can be enjoyed by walking the 19 different footpaths and trails created by the Odiana association.

The months of January and February are the ideal time to discover these pedestrian routes, to be in contact with nature, enjoy sporting activities, and experience the patrimony and traditions of the region.

Outstanding is the Almond Trail (Caminho da Amendoeira), an 11 kilometre route running from Alta Mora in the district of Castro Marim.

Not surprisingly, the heralding of springtime and the dazzling display of blossom gives rise to the famous legend of a princess from the north who was pining for the snow of her homeland and fell into a deep melancholy.

According to the legend, the prince planted a massive plantation of almond trees and she awoke to a dazzling panorama of white.

The lower Guadiana region offers a network of 135 kilometres of walkways in the districts of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António.

There are no guided tours but the Associação Odiana can help with information on starting points and highlights en route and there are signposts and information boards in strategic locations along the walkways. (Rotas e Circuitos, then Pedestres e BTT)