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In this new regular section, we share with our readers what our FB followers are saying.

Last week, following our post regarding the introduction of tolls on the A22 and how it could affect the region’s tourism sector, our followers said:

Russell Fisher: “The 125’s going to be busy! What a bonkers idea, having no physical toll booth for tourists, visitors etc. Are motorcycles going to be charged? Where will they put their no doubt not waterproof device?”Melanie Kendall: “What and where do residents have to do and go in order to get their exemption?”

Stephen Heard: “I pay enough as it is by visiting Portugal, having to part with more cash is a big turn-off.”

Lesley Lambourne: “Collect and return a device if you are a tourist? Yet another thing to remember to do when you arrive/depart. Absolutely bonkers!”

Inês Lopes:

“Hi Melanie! The best thing to do is to go to your local post office for the exemption request. You can also go to any Via Verde store (there is now only one in Faro as the two temporary ones in Portimão and Tavira are closed), but I honestly think it might be easier to go to a post office. Good luck!”

Melanie Kendall: “Let’s just hope they see ‘a little sense’ and open up some more offices local to us all. Will let you know how I get on!”

When we posted a story on tourists still visiting the Algarve in high numbers, despite the crisis, our followers said:

Andrew De Freitas: “Yea they may be here but they’re not spending any money”

Inês Lopes:  “Yes, that’s something we hear often unfortunately … a sign of the times, but at least they are HERE! :)”

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