Follow the queen of pop to Malawi

MADONNA’S RECENT visit to Malawi is raising awareness of this little-known African nation. The country’s authorities are hoping her visit could spark a much needed tourism boom.

Tourism is recognised by the United Nations as a key industry, which can provide sustainable economic growth in countries like Malawi and alleviate the poverty still found there. Employees in tourism are main wage earners, supporting their own families, extended families and even whole villages.

Malawi is a small, but beautifully scenic and varied country, with landscapes changing round every turn. Game parks, rolling grassland hills, escarpments cut by broad rivers, open plains and its own beach-fringed ‘inland sea’ – the freshwater Lake Malawi – are just some of the natural attractions.

For the adventurous, there are safaris by 4×4, boat, horseback or on foot, as well as sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, water-skiing and much more. On land, you can try trekking, climbing, mountain biking and walking in the highlands and forests, or simply relax on a beach or by a waterhole.