Follow that Kangaroo… Vizela wakes up to new attraction

Kangaroo has been safely recaptured and returned to owner

Residents of Vizela were doing double-takes this morning as they drove to work: along the street hopped… a kangaroo.

A kangaroo in Vizela? Who would have thought of such a thing. But, according to O Minho online, the animal belongs to a local who “has all the necessary paperwork”.

Digital de Vizela understands the owner lives in Infias, at Quinta do Pombal.

Whatever the situation, it is unclear right now whether the animal is male or female. It went on its hopping spree through the town early this morning, has made Youtube, and quite a few other media sources, and is now ‘home’.

Here is a little video of the antics this morning – a completely new look for Vizela.