shaggy dog
Little Stasya is grey, shaggy, desperately missed

Follow that dog – a shaggy dog story which is literally rushin’

Eyes out for Russian Stasya, somewhere in the Greater Lisbon area

People living in Greater Lisbon are being asked to please look out for Stasya, a little dog who went missing from her Russian owner during a walk in February, and who has been seen in various places ever since.

The thing about this story is that Stasya’s owner Nina Pavlova is ‘all alone’ since ‘fleeing the regime of Vladimir Putin’ (in the words of Correio da Manhã) in October last year.

The 33-year-old explains: “I have lost my parents, and my grandparents. I am alone in the world, with Stasya. She is my only family”.

According to reports, Stasya has been seen in Colinas do Cruzeiro (Odivelas), Montemor (Loures), and most recently in the area of Caneças (Odivelas, again).

In desperation, Nina has been in touch with the Assocation AMIAMA, which has launched an appeal over social media. If one follows the thread of the conversations, little Satsya is literally being seen all over the place. She is apparently very timid, so may not come easily to people.

Anyone joining in this hunt, will need to have Facebook handy, and a great deal of stamina. Stasya is not just a Russian dog, but something of a rushin’ one too.

Two telephone numbers appear in a report in Pets in Town. Nina Pavlova’s appeal is: “She is very timid and very nervous. Please, whoever finds her stay close to her and call these numbers. We will come rushing”. The numbers are: 912 054 957 and 968 462 905.

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