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Folkfaro, a unique cultural experience

The 10th Folkfaro music and dance festival, which will take place from August 18 until 26, will bring together musical culture from around the world, creating a truly unique experience.

The event, which has a fine reputation for bringing hundreds of visitors to Faro, will include a number of music and dance groups from around Portugal representing the country.

The project is one of the highlights in Faro’s cultural programme, which brings together folklore associations from all over the globe.

This year, folk teams from Spain, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Romania will travel to Faro to share their country’s cultural delights.

More than 300 artists, including musicians, dancers and extras are expected to take part, filling the city of Faro with entertainment.

Portuguese groups taking part will include two Algarve formations from the Grupo Folclórico de Faro and Infantil de Faro.

Also attracted to the festival are the Grupo Folclórico de Santa Marta de Portuzelo from Alto Minho, the Ranchos Folclóricos de Benfica from Ribatejo, the Zebreiros from Douro Litoral and Praias do Sado from Estremadura.

The opening gala will be held at the Teatro das Figuras on August 18, at 9.30pm where Folkfaro performers will offer their audience small tasters of what will be on offer during the period of the festival.

This internationally fuelled festival aims to promote and share the folklore and traditions of different nations, bringing history back to life, whilst at the same time strengthening friendships and reinforcing the identity of each participating country.

Visitors to Folkfaro will be met with the enthusiasm of those who take pride in preserving their cultural heritage and keeping their roots alive.

The festival consists of a large variety of entertainment and activities. During Folkfaro there will be something to keep the entire family entertained, including: a gala show, open-air performances, live music and dance shows, international parades, programmes for children and adults, dance workshops, interactive events, and gastronomic displays. Many craft stalls will also be set up for the duration of the event.

Folkfaro is an idea conceived and supported by the Grupo Folclórico de Faro (Faro Folk Dance Group) and is backed by the Câmara of Faro, other public institutions of the Algarve region, and with the sponsorship of local companies.

All are invited to come along and celebrate the beauty of world culture – brought to Faro.

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