Foetus found in well

The grisly discovery of a small foetus greeted a curious local who decided to investigate a plastic bag down a well near Azinhal in Castro Marim on Friday last week.
According to Correio da Manhã newspaper, the foetus was packed in the bag full of quicklime, which had been used on purpose to “accelerate the process of decomposition”.
The foetus, not much bigger than the size of a human hand, was already “practically” reduced to bones, and police called to the scene identified what they believed to be signs that an abortion had been carried out in ruins near the well.
Shocked locals questioned said they were unaware of any unusual goings-on in the area. “It is very rare to see anyone here,” said shepherd Fernando Teixeira.
The remains have now been sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Lisbon for autopsy.