Fnac preparing for Faro

Fnac is planning to open a shop at Forum Algarve in Faro if a project to expand the shopping centre is approved by the Câmara.

Fnac, which has a chain of book and multimedia megastores across Europe, Brazil and Taiwan, is now preparing to open in Faro if plans to extend Forum Algarve by another 10,000sqm are approved.

Faro Mayor José Apolinário told Barlavento newspaper that the project is under analysis but he would have preferred to see Fnac open a shop in the historic centre of the city where business needs to be bolstered.

“It is up to the administration of Fnac where they want to open the premises. Although I would have preferred to see it open downtown, I will be delighted regardless, as it is an important investment in our economy,” he said.

Extension of the shopping centre is planned for land north of its current location with the Fnac shop expected to cover an area of 2,000sqm and the remaining area to be utilised for other commercial purposes.

Public consultation of the project is expected before the local elections in October and no predictions have yet been made as to when the shop will be opening.