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Fly high-class for less cash

A NEW, low-cost airline will soon make travelling business class between London and New York more affordable. Silverjet is expected to start its London Luton to Newark business class service six to nine months after it lists on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in May.

The airline will be based on a similar model to short-haul budget companies, easyJet and Ryanair. All 100 seats onboard the aircraft will have flatbeds and a full business class service will be offered. There will also be a significantly reduced check-in time of as little as 30 minutes.

The first, all-business airlines offering low-cost fares, MAXjet and Eos, began operating between London and the US in November. Silverjet chief executive, Lawrence Hunt, has been working on developing the business for two years. He told the UK’s Press Association that big airlines gain most of their profits from premium customers and lose money in economy class. In effect, business class passengers were subsidising economy class passengers and, by losing economy seats, prices can come down without any compromise in service. “Market research has shown that passengers are currently not satisfied with the value of business class services on offer,” Lawrence said. “We, therefore, believe that there is a real demand for a long-haul airline, operating on a low-cost basis, yet offering a high-quality, business-class product.”

The company eventually wants to run a 10-aircraft fleet to other destinations, aiming to bring business class travel within reach of all air passengers.