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Fly And Ride – the ultimate vehicle transport service

Getting your car or motorcycle to your European destination can be a real chore. It involves a lot of time and a lot of driving or riding.

What if there was someone that could do it for you? Well, there is! Forget all that hassle and talk to Fly And Ride. They’ll do the hard work for you and transport your car or motorcycle to your European residential address or to your holiday destination, so that you can take the easy way there, and fly!

At Fly And Ride they provide specialist vehicle transport services to Europe under the watchful eye and expertise of Rob Jones, who has been in the logistics business for more than 25 years. Bringing a wealth of experience in transporting motorcycles, cars, 4×4s and other specialist vehicles, he has been involved in shipping some very interesting and expensive vehicles such as an Aston Martin One-77 and also a 1934 Bugatti valued at over 25 million pounds.

Fly And Ride do weekly trips to and from the UK, covering most of Western Europe including the islands. Their transport services are very flexible and can include single and return trip booking options. All vehicles are fully insured in transit – motorbikes up to £ 32,000 and cars up to £ 500,000, with marine insurance included in both cases.

Fly And Ride take care of the whole process and paperwork, loading, transporting and unloading, and use their own truck both for the outward and inward journey to Europe. So whilst Rob and the team look after your vehicle, you can relax, fly in, and then enjoy using it in some great locations, without having to crunch those motorway miles that are hard on you and your vehicle.

Throughout his career, Rob has also transported motorbikes for several of the superbike race teams and for several motorsports’ teams, so taking care of fast machines is in his blood. He is quite possibly one of the most experienced people in his field of vehicle transportation and shipping. Making sure the cargo is well looked after is the paramount aim of any premium transport service and through Rob’s experience in transporting specialist vehicles Fly And Ride have developed their own custom-built stillages so that your motorcycle is well protected on route. The bikes and cars are transported in covered transport to protect them from the elements whilst being shipped.

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