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Flower production returns to the Algarve region

FLOWER PRODUCTION is about to make a come back in the Algarve as part of a regional plan for rural development that aims to develop and safeguard agricultural practices within a seven year plan.

“The golden age of flowers in the Algarve will return,” said Castelão Rodrigues, director of Agriculture and Fishing in the Algarve.

“With the rise in the tourism industry, floristry and agricultural businesses were gradually abandoned,” said Castelão Rodrigues. “The greenhouses full of flowers that were once the image of the Algarve have all but disappeared.”

The Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural do Algarve (PDRA), the rural development programme for the Algarve, which ended its public discussion period in September, plans to encourage projects in the agricultural sector.

Roses and foliage to complement bouquets are a few of the floral specimens to be produced again in the region. Other products are also included in the plans, such as tomatoes, green beans, lettuces and strawberries. “These products will be protected with new metal greenhouse structures,” said Castelão Rodrigues. “Other products that are included in the plan are carobs, almonds, figs, plums and citrus fruits.”


New products will also be encouraged, which have not yet been fully exploited in the region. Funds from the Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional (QREN), the national strategic reference plan, which will be available until 2013, will help farmers to cultivate avocados, apricots and persimmons.

Other regional products will also be pushed into the global competitive market, including wine, cork, sea salt, honey, goat’s cheese and many others. “Bureaucracy for investors has also been cut,” said Castelão Rodrigues, “and the investor can now make investments into several products with just one application process.”

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