Floral decor ideas for vineyard weddings according to season

Wedding in a vineyard: floral decor ideas

Tying the knot someplace distant and romantic means a lot of venue searching, flight availability checking, scouting for the best wedding resorts, looking for the place with the perfect climate, exquisite cuisine and phenomenal scenery. And according to the latest trends, vineyard destinations are taking the main stage as the top choice for many couples.

Vineyard weddings have become increasingly popular in the last decade for numerous, obvious reasons:

  • The ambience: Weddings held at wineries simply bring a sense of romanticism, elegance, relaxation and sophistication. With unique backdrops and settings, it is easy to tailor a floral décor aligned with the couple’s vision.
  • Inspiration: This type of celebration is an inspiration for many planners, future newlyweds and romantic souls. It’s not hard to bring all the vine landscape into the wedding, with the wine-infused menus, the vine-themed décor, lavish florals and the overall romanticism.
  • Affordability: A lot of people think that vineyard weddings are an expensive undertaking, but the truth is, now a lot of wineries offer a wide selection of options for future couples.
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Floral décor and vineyard wedding venues

When having a vineyard wedding, the venue itself sets the tone for the décor. However, there are also many other finesses that one can add up, such as the flowers, the floral centrepieces, the cake and its toppings, the linens, the wedding Signage, stationery, floral installations, welcome table arrangements, aisle markers, ceremony arrangements and so on.

However, when choosing the perfect vineyard venue, couples need to consider the season as well. For example, if they opt for the south of Portugal, Algarve, which has 300 sunny days per year and fertile soil for locally grown flowers, they will have many options to tailor their decor. Not only are there many varieties of florals to choose from, but also, as they are locally sourced – they will be more cost-effective. And when the venue has a team that can help them in every segment concerning realising their vision, such as Quinta dos Vales, they have found the perfect fit.

Quinta dos Vales and floral decoration opportunities

This Wine estate works with professionals who can realise every floral wish, both when it comes to the sourcing and designing part. With spaces which open multiple possibilities to adorn them, couples can completely unleash their creativity. If they choose the Panoramic Terrace, they can easily envision floral ceiling installations, table arrangements and different centrepieces. Because the terrace has that outdoor feel even though it is covered, couples can enjoy envisioning tailoring floral decor that would be aligned with the greenery surrounding the terrace. When it comes to the Sculpture Garden, a ceremony arch or installation with lavish florals can complement the scenery, along with ceremony chair floral adornments to create a cohesive theme. The colourful nature of the sculptures and the beautiful garden feel provides couples to implement any floral palette and theme.

The fact that the venue enjoys a warm climate makes it extremely resourceful – couples can find a plethora of flower varieties throughout the year.


Flower arrangements ideas

When it comes to flower arrangements, there is a perfect bloom for every season. Flowers are a major part of every wedding reception and ceremony and with all the magnificent inspiration out there it is not easy making a final decision about the floral décor. The flowers only top the already staggering vineyard scenery all around.

If Portugal is the couple’s place of preference for having their wedding, the possibilities of the floral décor are even larger. The always-sunny South, especially the Algarve region, has one of the most fertile soils for growing all kinds of flowers.

And the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, the overall humidity and the pleasant climate just agree with every flower imaginable. Daffodil, Clematis, Thyme, Laurels, Origanum Majorana, and Asteriscus Maritimus are native to Portugal and according to many florist experts, they are famous for their use during many types of celebrations and gifting. Also, Lilies, Carnations, Roses, Orchids, Sunflowers and Gerberas are very popular as decorations for many weddings.

Which flowers to choose

When deciding which flowers to choose for their wedding, the first step for couples is to get acquainted with what blooms are in season during spring, summer, autumn and winter. One can easily find their ideal flower to complement their colour palette and venue once they get a better understanding of the seasonal florals. Year-round flowers like roses or gerberas are mainly one of the most usual guests at almost all weddings, and the good news according to experts is that with vineyard weddings, they will surely fit with the centrepieces, the bride’s bouquet or the boutonnieres. However, there are plenty more choices regardless of the season, especially in the south of Portugal.


Wedding flowers for a vineyard wedding

One of the gentlest ways to bring the vines into a wedding is to add wine barrels into the ceremony and reception space or during the cocktail hour. Arranging the barrels with the perfect seasonal blooms will most certainly elevate the whole rustic yet elegant style. Of course, couples can tailor any aesthetic that fits their preferences, especially in Quinta dos Vales, in Algarve, due to its contemporary flair.

  • Winter wedding flowers:

The colder weather does not take away the possibility of decorating the wedding venue with beautiful blooms such as Anemones, Christmas Roses, Camellias, Crocus, Amaryllis, Violas, Orchids, mesmerising Tulips, sprightly Ranunculus and so on.

  • Spring wedding flowers:

Couples having a spring wedding are lucky because the most beautiful flowers reach peak bloom during this season. Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Hydrangea, Peony, Lilac, Gardenias and Roses are just some of the many choices to bring a fresh, vibrant spirit to a garden wedding, according to experts.

  • Summer wedding flowers:

The choices for summer floral décor are endless. Some of them include Lisianthus, Gerbera Daisy, Zinnia, Cosmos, Dahlia, Carnations, Marigold, and Calla Lilies.

  • Autumn wedding flowers:

Vineyard weddings in autumn also do not fall short of possibilities when it comes to floral decors. Chrysanthemum, Amaranthus, Scabiosa, Celosia, Hellebore, Stocks and Roses add to the whole autumnal aesthetic.

In case you are looking for a vineyard wedding venue in which you can easily incorporate any theme and floral decor, head over to the wedding section of the Quinta dos Vales official website and discover their services and packages.