Flight destined for Faro makes emergency landing

An easyJet plane travelling to Faro airport had to make an emergency landing in France after passengers smelt burning on board.

The Airbus A320 took off from London Gatwick early on the morning of August 19 and was re-routed and landed at La Rochelle on the west coast of France at 10.30am.

No-one among the 165 passengers, who were mostly British, and six crew members on board was injured.

The passengers and crew were all evacuated from the aircraft after it was safely landed in France.

Firemen then boarded the Airbus and inspected the aircraft with a heat-sensitive camera.

No explanation for the smell of burning was found during the inspection.

Passengers were boarded onto a replacement aircraft at La Rochelle to complete the final part of their journey to Faro.

A spokesman from easyJet said that the re-routing and landing of the aircraft was just a precautionary measure after the plane had suffered a small electrical problem.

The incident came just days after an engine caught fire on an Airbus A320, operated by Spanish carrier Veuling, on a runway at Paris Orly airport.

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