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Flavours of Provence

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Flavours of Provence

by Clare Ferguson

While on the theme of homes, we can’t leave the kitchen out of the equation. Clare Ferguson’s Flavours of Provence is a lovely new colourful hardback featuring authentic dishes, all bursting with the tastes and character of Provence, and they are beautifully photographed by Peter Cassidy.

Snacks and hors d’oeuvres include simple recipes such as Aioli, Tapenade, and Fougasse breads. Explore salads, vegetables and grains, from Salade Niçoise to Camargue Red Rice Salad. Soups, lighter dishes and seafood features the famous Bouillabaisse, Clams Sautéed with Fennel and Tuna Carpaccio with capers. Meat, game and poultry dishes include a rich Estouffade (stew) of Wild Boar, Quails with Figs and the classic Sisteron-style Roasted Lamb. Luscious desserts include Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream and Lavender Creams with Scented Syrup. The book also features essays on the region’s culinary traditions, and is priced at 31 euros.