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Flashlights donation will aid fire and rescue operations

A donation of over €2,200 to pay towards 11 “Survivor” LED flashlights specifically aimed at fire and rescue professionals was handed over to the Lagoa firefighters recently.

According to manufacturer Streamlight, “firefighters depend on the Survivor for its toughness, compact size and reliability. The light’s custom optic produces a narrow beam, ideal for cutting through smoke, fog and mist, while also providing optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation”.

Presenting the donation were Jenny Grainer and Ray Bentley, organisers of the 10th Grand Variety Show held in Lagoa in November and which helped raise funds for both the Lagoa Voluntary Fire Brigade and the sea rescuers based in Ferragudo.

A further €95 out of the total raised on the night came from a raffle organised by the Donkey Sanctuary in Estômbar for the work the firefighters do with animals.