Flamenco fever in Faro

Flamenco lovers will have the chance to see two performances by well-known Spanish artists as part of the 9th Flamenco Festival of Faro this month.

Held at the municipal theatre, the shows will be by Casta Flamenca and Luz de Luna on March 15 and 16 respectively.

Flamenco dancers Felipe Mato and Almudena Serrano, accompanied by singer Jesus Flores and M.P. Iglesias on the guitar, make up the Casta Flamenca group, while Luz de Luna comprises dancers Oscar de los Reyes and Luna Fabiola, who move to the singing of Jesus Flores and guitar sounds of Juan Torres.

Organisers Ibérica Eventos & Espectáculos describe the festival as an opportunity to watch some “pure, traditional flamenco dancing without additives”. Both performances start at 9.30pm and cost €10 per person.

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