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Flamenco festival returns to Lagos

Portugal’s longest-standing flamenco event is returning to Lagos next month (September 8-10) with a fantastic display of Spanish dancing that will grace the stage of the town’s cultural centre.

Now in its 15th year, the Lagos Flamenco Festival will feature three flamenco shows.

The first is scheduled for Thursday, September 8 and features Alma Flamenca, followed by the Gonzalo Quintero group on Friday, September 9 and finally Horizonte on Saturday, September 10.

“Like previous years, we have decided on a programme that brings together reputable artists and young emerging talents,” organisers Ibérica Eventos said in a statement.

Flamenco is one of the world’s most popular dance styles and was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

The artform originated in Andalusia in southern Spain, although it also has roots in regions such as Murcia and Extremadura.

According to, flamenco is made up of four elements: Cante – Singing; Baile – Dancing; Toque – Guitar, and the Jaleo, which involves handclapping, foot stomping, and shouts of encouragement.

“Many believe flamenco to be the invention of the gypsies, and although they have been the main protagonists of the art, they are not its sole creators,” the website adds.

The flamenco shows in Lagos will all begin at 9.30pm.

Tickets cost €10 per show.

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