F**k 2020 wine is Christmas sensation

A Portuguese wine with a rather cheeky and risqué name is proving to lighten spirits this Christmas as a surprising, limited edition best seller.

An obvious and clever marketing gimmick, the wine “Que se foda 2020” (F**k 2020) seems to best sum up what most people have been thinking about the past year but perhaps wouldn’t say in public – except through buying this bottle.

In just two days, all 1,000 bottles that had been produced sold out and the makers have decided to rush a second batch into production to satisfy demand.

And for now, the only bottle left has the hefty price tag of €1 million as an art form aimed at well-heeled collectors.

The label was designed by Portuguese plastics art artist Francisco Eduardo, 36, who teamed up with the Adega da Azueira winery in the Lisbon region to develop the project.

Adega da Azueira has existed for more than 50 years and produces about 10 million litres of wine annually, 85% of which is red, and 15% is white. Currently, it has 400 active producer members and its vineyards cover around 1,200 hectares of land.

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