Five months since Maëlys disappeared, mother releases heart-rending video

Five agonising months since 8-year-old Maëlys de Araújo (a French child with Portuguese roots) disappeared from a packed wedding reception in France, her mother has released a heart-rending video vowing never to give up on the fight for justice (click here).

Former soldier Nordahl Lelandais remains in police custody, suspected of Maëlys’ murder, but denying he is guilty.

His name has since been linked to a series of unexplained killings (click here), and he has been formally charged with the murder of young soldier Arthur Noyer, who disappeared in April last year, and whose bones were recently discovered in an area where Lelandais was known to go climbing and exercising his dogs.

French newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré suggests the development may lead to renewed searches for Maëlys’ remains.

Whatever happens, Maëlys’ mother Jennifer Cleyet Marrel says the family will never give up. “We will fight for you and never let go”, she writes in the caption to her video, saying the last five months have been of “unbearable pain”: the video testimony to a life the family used to have, in which it was “all happy together”.

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