Five arrested in connection with brutal beating and stabbing of PSP officer during party in Barreiro

Five men have been arrested in connection with the brutal beating and stabbing of a PSP police officer in Moita, Barreiro, on June 28.

A video of the attack was posted online (, showing 48-year-old Fernando Bandeira lying inanimate on the ground while a group of men kick and throw objects at him. Although it cannot be clearly seen in the footage, the officer was also stabbed in the abdomen.

Fortunately for the officer, other revellers managed to break up the angry mob and keep the victim safe until fellow PSP officers arrived.

At the end of the video, at least five PSP officers can be seen running towards Bandeira.

The officer was rushed to Barreiro Hospital with multiple wounds but is now recovering at home.

The incident took place during the early hours of Saturday morning (June 28) at a “multicultural party” in a neighbourhood known as Bairro do Vale da Amoreira in Moita.

The problems started at around 12.30am, when a group of troublemakers jumped onto a stage and stole the microphone from the singer.

PSP police quickly intervened, but officer Bandeira separated from his colleagues when he saw some people throwing objects at them. It was then that the attack is believed to have started.

The officer’s gun was also stolen and found later in a nearby rubbish bin.

The suspects, all aged under 26, remain in custody awaiting trial.