Fitness revolution in the Algarve

IMAGINE a world where men and women, young and old, fit and unfit, the strong and the weak, can all keep fit together in the same pumping room… We take the best music from around the world, add a great pre-choreographed routine, get some powerhouse instructors to mix it up a little and offer the best group fitness classes in the world.

BODY TRAINING SYSTEMS have landed on your doorstep, complete with an international presenter, training instructors who have taught the programme all over the world and a top national assessor for instructors. So, not only does the team know the routines, they train the best to be the best, meaning you will experience something completely new. BodyCombat will have you shouting for more, Circuit will get your heart racing, BodyJam will make you move, groove and shake your stuff, and BodyBalance will stretch and tone you, so that you’ll lose some aches and pains and move more freely than ever before. BODY TRAINING SYSTEMS are the best and most fun you could ever have in a gym class and, as a bonus, you get fit.

BODY TRAINING SYSTEMS have already started in over 50 countries around world, with nearly 8,000 instructors. Can you afford to miss out? For more information, contact Karen on 916 255 774.