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AFTER A career as a gardener and forestry worker, Fish came to public attention in 1981 with the band Marillion, which he left in 1988 following top ten hits in 1985 with Kayleigh and Lavender and in 1987 with Incommunicado. It is beleived his name, Fish, came from his drinking habits, though according to Fish himself, the name originates from the amount of time he spent reading in the bath.

Last year, his concert at Aula Magna in Lisbon was sold out and this year he returns to Portugal for two shows as part of his Clutching at Stars Tour 2007. Aula Magna will be the venue on December 5 and Europarque, Santa Maria da Feira on December 6.

After the phenomenal success of the Return you it Childhood Tour 2005/06, that included the complete alignment of the Marillion album Misplaced Childhood, this time Fish decided to repeat the formula with the album Clutching at Straws.

Clutching at Straws was considered one of the best albums made by Marillion. With 20 years since its release, it makes sense to celebrate it and also to continue his winning steak of successful concerts.

In the first part of the show he will play his solo songs and introduce his debut solo album 13th Star. The fans want more and Clutching at Stars Tour will be full of entertainment.

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