Fishing lakes

Dear Editor,

To get away from all the letters about the tolls on the A22, bad driving and other depressing topics, I would like to say that there are enjoyable and pleasurable things to take part in and talk about here in the glorious Algarve!

Thanks to your article about Hideaway Lakes – run by John Campbell (Algarve Resident, December 17 issue) – I had a pleasurable day fishing on a lake surrounded by wonderful scenery with birds, mongoose, ducks etc. and only a stone’s throw from the A22.

The lake holds Carp and Bass and John Campbell, the owner, gave me lots of information of where to fish and an insight into the migration of the birds, ducks etc. and what an amazing gem this “hideaway” is – within reach for enthusiastic fishermen and nature lovers.

It was good also to share fishing experiences with the other anglers who, like me, were having a fabulous day out.

BOB GRAMSON, Santa Bárbara de Nexe