Fisherman stabbed to death in Lagos

Fisherman stabbed to death in Lagos

Forty-year-old fisherman João Gonçalo was stabbed to death in Lagos in the early hours of Sunday morning. His alleged attacker, named as a younger man purported to be his friend, has since given himself up to police.

The incident appears to have been inflamed by alcohol.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, Gonçalo had been dining at Pacheco’s restaurant in the Santo Amaro area when a group of men came in, all clearly well into an evening of heavy drinking.

Pacheco owner Deolinda Pacheco told CM that she refused to serve them any alcohol, and that one then started to talk to Gonçalo.

The conversation started well but deteriorated after one of the men is understood to have squeezed the rear of the other, in jest.

The men then left and went into the street.

“We thought everything was fine, but then we saw João hold on to his chest,” Deolinda Pacheco continued.

Her son went to help the victim as his alleged aggressor, a painter named as Samuel, disappeared.

Gonçalo was assisted by INEM and firemen called to the scene, but died later in Lagos Hospital.

“Samuel” was seen in a café in town about 20 minutes later, and told friends that he had stabbed someone “but no-one took it seriously”, added the paper. The 34-year-old later handed himself into the PSP police station, and is due to appear before magistrates this morning.

The case is now in the hands of PJ police.

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